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AMC Operating Less Flights, More Checks (Sept. 28)

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill.--- Air Mobility Command is still operating passenger flights for military and other eligible travelers. There are fewer flights and a few changes that passengers need to remember when they are planning to use military aircraft or contract aircraft for either official or space-available travel.

"AMC-operated missions are now under tighter security restrictions because of the recent terrorist attacks," said Cindy Rothenbach, a traffic management specialist with the passenger policy branch at AMC. "Because of the need for heightened security at our passenger terminals, we now have enhanced passenger processing measures."

Under the new procedures, all passengers must present two forms of identification when checking in for a flight. One of those IDs must have a passenger photo. Any sharp-edged objects, regardless of length, must be placed in checked baggage where they will be inaccessible to the passenger.

"All hand-carried items are subject to 100-percent inspection," said Rothenbach.

Checked bags will also be randomly inspected for all AMC missions.

Rothenbach said that passengers may experience a slowdown in processing and recommends official and space-A passengers call the appropriate AMC terminal for flight status. Travelers may need to show up at passenger terminals up to three hours prior to takeoff.

"Passengers leaving on space-A flights from military terminals should also be aware of current force protection conditions, which may cause delays in accessing military installations," she said.

Rothenbach said that there have been no reductions on Patriot Express flights to the Atlantic or Pacific theaters from AMC gateways at commercial terminals. But travelers need to understand there are additional precautions at those airports, and they should plan their arrival time accordingly.

A consideration for space-A travelers is that for the foreseeable future, there will be fewer flights and fewer seats available.

"Since AMC-owned aircraft are being called into service to support higher-priority missions, space-A seating may be harder to get," Rothenbach said. "But space-A is still available, and travelers should check with the nearest passenger terminal for the latest information."


AMC Continues Official Space-A Passenger Flights