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ATK Fires Guided Naval Round (Oct. 1)

MINNEAPOLIS---ATK Tactical Systems Company, Rocket Center, W. Va., has conducted an important gun-launched test of the Autonomous Naval Support Round (ANSR), a low-cost, precision-guided projectile for ship-to-shore fire support being developed independently by an ATK-led consortium. The test follows two successful static test firings and earlier flight demonstration tests.

During the test firing from the Wallops Island flight facility in southeastern Virginia on Sept. 26, two unguided ANSR rounds were fired from a U.S. Navy standard 5"/54 caliber gun. Test objectives included:

--Gun-launch survivability (at full operational gun propellant charge) of the tactical airframe, rocket motor, telemetry unit, and low-cost inertial sensors.
--Satisfactory gun gas dynamic seal (obturation).
--Proper fin deployment.
--Achievement of stable, low-drag flight.
--Confirmation of greater than 50 nautical mile range capability.

With the exception of range performance confirmation, all test objectives were met. Gun instrumentation, video and radar, and telemetry captured performance parameters.

"The data show we are on track in our development of a low-cost, precise-fire support round," said Dan Murphy, president, ATK Tactical Systems Company. "We are disappointed that a test configuration rocket motor initiator did not operate, thereby preventing flight to maximum range and a clean sweep of test objectives. We will fix and test the initiator within two weeks. Because the operational unit will use a different electronic initiator, no operational design change is needed. Looking ahead, we will return to Wallops Island in early November to fly 50 nautical miles from a standard Navy 5"/54 gun. Next spring we will begin guided flight testing."

ATK is developing ANSR to meet the fire-support needs of ground forces through the existing fleet of more than one hundred 5"/54 guns.

"In tandem with the round under development for the larger 5"/62 gun (being introduced in new construction destroyers), ANSR provides the existing fleet with long-range, affordable fire support capability," Murphy added.

Other members of the ATK Tactical Systems Company consortium developing the ANSR are Custom Analytical Engineering Systems (CAES), Rocket Center, W. Va., which is responsible for airframe, warhead, and control actuation, and Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, Mass., which is responsible for guidance electronics and navigation. As the lead contractor, ATK Tactical Systems Company is responsible for system integration and the solid propellant rocket motor.

ATK is a $1.6 billion aerospace and defense company with leading positions in propulsion, composite structures, munitions, and precision capabilities. The company, which is headquartered in Edina, Minn., employs approximately 9,600 people and has two business segments: Aerospace and Defense.


ATK Conducts Test of Independently Developed Naval Precision-Guided Projectile