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CAE Wins US Army Contract (Apr 5)

TAMPA, Fla. --- CAE USA has won a contract valued at US$17.75 million (C$21 million) from the United States Army for the Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) Database Virtual Environment Development (DVED). As all options are exercised, the total value of the contract could reach US$59 million (C$68.5 million) over the next five years.

“This is a very strategic win for CAE as we expand our portfolio to offer simulation-based professional services in the United States,” said John Lenyo, President and General Manager, CAE USA. “We have focused significant effort over the past several years developing common, reusable, and flexible software architectures that help facilitate rapid and realistic mission rehearsal capabilities. We’re extremely pleased that the U.S. Special Operations Command and now the U.S. Army recognizes CAE’s leadership and expertise in this area.”

Under the SE-Core DVED effort, CAE will develop a common database architecture, rapid database production process and tools, and establish and operate five database production centers located in the United States and around the world. These database production centers will create the Army’s Common Virtual Environment (CVE), a fully integrated and correlated virtual environment that the Army will use for virtual training and mission rehearsal.

The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) awarded CAE USA the initial contract for the development of the rapid database production process and tools, and establishment of the first database center to be located in Orlando, Florida. A key component of the overall SE-Core DVED program is to provide the common database architecture, integrated tools framework, and software tools for rapidly creating CVE databases through centralized database generation facilities. These databases will be shared and re-used throughout the Army for virtual training exercises involving ground, aviation, and joint forces.

“Our aim is to provide a common virtual environment that seamlessly interoperates with the Army’s live and constructive training systems,” said Colonel Craig Langhauser, Project Manager, Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (PM CATT) for the U.S. Army’s PEO STRI. “The SE Core program breaks new ground by diverging from the traditional approach of procuring databases. The use of a common master database and centralized database production centres will streamline database production, significantly reduce costs, and most importantly, meet the training and mission rehearsal needs of the warfighter.”

As prime contractor, CAE USA will lead an industry team that will design the SE-Core master database architecture, provide the required software tools for database generation, staff the database generation facilities, and offer professional and consulting services to the Army. The industry team led by CAE USA includes CAE-owned TERREX, Lockheed Martin, Evans & Sutherland, ARINC, and SecureInfo.

CAE is a world-leading provider of simulation and modelling technologies for civil aviation and military customers. With annual revenues of approximately C$1 billion, the company operates in 18 countries around the world. CAE has sold nearly 700 simulators and training devices to airlines, aircraft manufacturers, training centres and defence forces for air and ground purposes in more than 40 countries. With over 100 full-flight simulators in more than 20 aviation training centres serving approximately 3,500 airlines, aircraft operators and manufacturers across the globe, CAE is a world leader in aviation, maintenance and crew training services. CAE licences its simulation software to various market segments and has a professional services division assisting customers with wide-ranging simulation-based needs.

CAE USA Wins US$17.75 Million Contract from U.S. Army