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ATK Wins NASA Contract for CLV (Apr 25)

MINNEAPOLIS --- Alliant Techsystems has received a $28.6 million work order from NASA to design and develop the first stage of NASA's next-generation human launch system, the Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV). The work order authorizes ATK to continue working toward completion of design and certification of a first stage propulsion system through September 2006. The work completed over the next six months will prepare ATK for the first major milestone in the development of the CLV, the September Systems Requirement Review (SRR).

The CLV is an in-line, two-stage rocket configuration derived from existing Space Shuttle solid rocket motor and booster technology. The CLV's primary mission is to carry astronauts and supplies to the International Space Station as well as delivering astronauts to an earth departure stage for transport to the moon.

"ATK is proud to be a part of NASA's space vision to develop reliable, proven and affordable access to space," said Ron Dittemore, President, ATK Launch Systems Group. "Our employees are focused on delivering an outstanding CLV design that will meet NASA's SRR criteria in September. A successful SRR is a key milestone that will enable the NASA-ATK team to move forward on announced plans to begin test flights by the end of the decade."

ATK is a $3.3 billion advanced weapon and space systems company employing approximately 15,000 people in 23 states.

ATK Receives Go-Ahead for Additional Crew Launch Vehicle Work