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Aero Wins Role in C-27J Production (May 11)

ROME and PRAGUE --- Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica company, will transfer some production activities for the tactical transport aircraft C-27J to the Czech company Aero Vodochody under a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) which commits the parties to negotiate a contract for the supply of the centre wing box by Aero Vodochody, as well as of other manufacturing and engineering activities.

The centre wing box is a highly complex part of the airlifter that secures the wings to the fuselage. This means that Aero Vodochody is a key participant to the programme.

Aero Vodochody’s participation in the C-27J programme will include responsibility for the equipment installed and final tests, in addition to the centre wing box’s production.

The final contract between the two companies will be signed by the end of May. It is based on a business plan contemplating the supply of 350 wing boxes for an estimated value of more than $200 million.

Furthermore, Aero Vodochody will contribute to the production process’ improvement with new engineering solutions and will also bring possible modifications to the wing boxes as required by customers around the world. The contract also envisages that the Czech company could be a single-source manufacturer of the structure, including future sales. This means that this is a real partnership, going well beyond the role of a sub-supplier.

The Alenia Aeronautica-Aero Vodochody partnership will extend from the engineering and manufacturing aspects to promotion of the aircraft abroad. The Czech company will contribute to the C-27J’s marketing in potential export markets and, therefore, will have the opportunity to expand its own contacts, with advantages for its own business.

The choice of a partner within the Czech Republic was taken with the acknowledgment of the Italian Government, which supports such an alliance in the interests of Italian-Czech relations, and can be seen in the light of a wider investment plan.

The C-27J is a new-generation twin-engine airlifter, already ordered by the Air Forces of Italy, Greece and Bulgaria for a total of 32 units. It is the only transport aircraft of its category being produced in the world, specifically designed for such roles and the only one to assure a high interoperability with heavier transport aircraft, thanks to its big load compartment, and a total commonality within NATO.

In the Czech Republic the C-27J is under evaluation by the Czech Air Force for tasks that include transport support for Czech troops serving on peace-keeping missions.

The C-27J is currently under evaluation by the United States for the JCA (Joint Cargo Aircraft) programme, for the supply of transport aircraft for the U.S. Army and Air Force; in Canada to replace the present aircraft fleet used in Search & Rescue missions; in Slovakia, Lithuania, Romania and Australia. Recently, an official presentation of the C-27J to NATO took place in Brussels, in view of possible aircraft requirements by the Alliance to face potential future international operational scenarios.

Alenia Aeronautica and Aero Vodochody Form Partnership for the C-27J