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Aerostar Pushes Artillery Systems at Show (Jun 13)

PARIS- NORD VILLEPINTE, France --- At Eurosatory 2006, Aerostar presents itself as a major supplier of integrated systems of the Romanian defence industry. One of the most powerful defence companies in Romania, Aerostar presents major programmes, representative for the company status of a reputed house of maintenance, upgrades and integrations in the field of ground defence and military aviation.

The focal point of AEROSTAR’s participation at this edition of Eurosatory is given by the integrated artillery systems as well as by the military communication and identification systems presented.

LAROM Programme
The integrated artillery system LAROM is compatible with the systems existing in the inventory of NATO countries and consists of an upgrade and development starting from the launchers 40 APRA 122mm, manufactured by Aerostar in previous years and existing in the inventory of Romanian MoD.

The data and information subsystem, the control subsystem, the subsystem of the firing units and the logistic support subsystem are all integrated by the most important part of the modernisation, namely at the level of the Firing Command & Control System (ACCS). LAROM incorporates a modern Artillery Command & Control System (ACCS) of C3I type, being one of the few integrated systems in service.

The integrated system LAROM successfully passed all testing phases and is currently in the inventory of the Romanian army.

AEROSTAR presents a development programme- the product ATROM- a truck-mounted howitzer gun of of 155mm/52 calibers. ATROM represents a great challenge launched by the range of artillery integrated systems. It is NATO compatible and uses all types of NATO certified 155mm projectiles. The howitzer gun ATROM executed the endurance and accuracy firing tests, completed with very good results.

This development has the great advantage of being totally compatible with the integrated system LAROM so that by the simple selection of another firing subsystem- i.e. ATROM howitzer gun, all the other subsystems integrated in LAROM continue to be used, as part of the artillery command and control system already implemented.

AEROSTAR is the integrator of the DIALOG Programme for the performance of an Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) system at national level by active radar measures. The identification is achieved in the standard NATO modes (STANAG 4193) 1,2,3/A,C, the selective mode S for the civil air traffic control and the national specific mode SM. The system is expandable to identification in NATO mode 4 with a view to provide complete interoperability as part of Alliance’s exercises and operations. The equipment have resources for development with a view to the utilisation of NATO mode 5, whose specifications are in process to be finalized at the level of the Alliance.

The IFF equipment – interrogators and transponders are Thales origin. The production of these equipment by Aerostar was made by transfer of technology from the French company. This system includes interrogation equipments located on various platforms (long range surveillance radars for air space, surveillance radar systems of airports areas, mobile anti-aircraft rocket systems, with or without own radar means, portable rocket launchers) and response equipment installed on air platforms (MiG-21 Lancer, AN 24, AN 26, AN 30, IAR 330 Puma, IAR 330 Puma SOCAT).

Following company’s own development programmes Aerostar has become a supplier on the international market for Control Display Units of the type CDU 401 for IFF identification in Long Range Air Defence (LORAD) systems, fitted with IFF interrogator in the family TSA 1010 or for Control Box Units like CBU 402, which provide the man-machine interface for the TSC 2050/55 family of airborne IFF transponders

The new Control Box Unit CBU 40F provides the man-machine interface for the TSC 2055 IFF airborne transponder and can be integrated into jet or propeller airplanes, into helicopters, as well as into ground and navy platforms fitted with the TSC 2055 IFF transponder.

The development and qualification of these units was made in compliance with NATO military norms and procedures.

At Eurosatory 2006, Aerostar also presents its capabilities for the repair and upgrade of the full range of eastern multiple rocket launchers- GRAD/BM-21 while it supplies complete services for the repair of the launcher and truck platform, including the installation of the artillery part on another platform, upon customer’s request, with the provision of spares, documentation and training, service and testing on the ground. The Fire Control Systems can be modernised in conventional or computerised variants.

The Fire Control System SCF-01, also in premiere, intended for 122mm rocket launchers with 12, 21 or 40 launch tubes. It consists of the Fire Control Panel, the Data Acquisition and Control Unit and interconnecting cables. The modes of operation permit firing from remote control, as well as firing in emergency mode, providing the interdiction of the fire command if the programming was not properly made.

On the occasion of Eurosatory, AEROSTAR introduces the Multipurpose Mobile Launcher System (SLAM) designed for launching special payload rockets intended for the destruction of the clouds formations generating hailstone or for stimulation of rain formation.

By continuous development of its capabilities, expertise and technologies, Aerostar together with its partners in the Romanian defence industry and from worldwide, presents its capacity and power to respond to NATO compatibility and interoperability requirements, proving that it is prepared for the programmes of the future.

Romania’s Aerostar Presents at Eurosatory 2006 Its Capabilities as Supplier of Integrated Systems