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Agusta Launches AW149 Multirole Battlefield Helicopter

Details of the new generation AgustaWestland AW149 7-8 ton multi-role battlefield helicopter have been announced today at the Farnborough International Airshow. The AW149 is AgustaWestland’s answer to growing military and government customer demand for a new generation, affordable, multi-purpose, medium class military helicopter.

The AW149 will widen the AgustaWestland product range offering customers a larger helicopter than the best selling 6.4 ton AW139 helicopter. The AW149 will be optimised for military operations and will be able to carry up to 15 troops in crashworthy seats.

The aircraft features a 5-blade main rotor for low vibration and noise levels and will have a cruise speed of 160 knots. The large cabin for up to 15 troops also features large sliding doors allowing easy access for troops and the loading of large bulky equipment.

The aircraft will be capable of being equipped with a range of weapons on the external carriers for armed escort and armed suppression roles. A range of role equipment will allow the aircraft to be configured for roles such as search and rescue, command and control, medical evacuation and external load lifting.

The fully integrated, open-system avionics architecture, will allow a wide range of customer specific and future mission systems to be integrated. The cockpit display system will utilize large area active matrix liquid crystal displays. In addition to a comprehensive communications and navigation systems the AW149 will be equipped with a fully digital, 4-axis AFCS and an integrated Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS).

Designed to meet the latest military and civil certification requirements the AW149 will feature a crashworthy and a damage tolerant airframe and system redundancy to provide high levels of survivability and crashworthiness. A heavy duty wheeled tricycle landing gear will allow operations from unprepared surfaces while providing easy maneuverability on the ground. The crashworthy and self sealing fuel tanks are located behind the main cabin allowing a low level cabin floor for easy loading while providing ample ground clearance for operation from rough terrain.

The AW149 will be capable of single or dual pilot operations in all weathers, day or night, and will have available, as an option, a rotor de-icing system. High levels of ballistic tolerance and optional Defensive Aids Suite (DAS) and weapon systems will give the aircraft the ability to operate safely in high threat environments.

The AW149 will provide military customers with an affordable multi-mission helicopter and will be offered with a range of support solutions to minimize through life support costs.


Crew 1 or 2 pilots
Cabin Seating 12 crashworthy seats with space for equipment
15 crashworthy seats in high density configuration
Cabin Volume 10 m3
Cargo Bay 4 m3
Cruise Speed 160 knots
Range >500 nm with 2 crew and 12 fully equipped troops
Hover Capability Hover Out of Ground Effect @ 6000 ft, 95 deg. F at Maximum All Up Weight
Powerplants 2 x 2,000 shp class turboshafts

New AW149 Helicopter Details Revealed at Farnborough