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Canada to Probe EH-101 Helicopter Crash

OTTAWA --- Major-General Charles Bouchard, Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division, announced today that a military Board of Inquiry (BOI) has been convened to investigate the 13 July crash of Cormorant helicopter CH149914, that killed three Canadian Forces Search and Rescue (SAR) crewmembers and injured four others during a training exercise off Canso, Nova Scotia.

The BOI team arrived in Greenwood, Nova Scotia on 27 July and has begun the investigation process.

Colonel Grant Smith, President of the BOI, is leading a team of four investigators, who include specialists in the fields of aeronautical engineering, maintenance, search and rescue and flying operations. The team will collect and analyze the evidence from the accident to determine the cause and contributing factors in order to make recommendations to prevent a recurrence. The BOI team is assisted by three advisors with specialties in fields of law, medicine and media relations.

“While nothing can undo the tragic loss of these brave and devoted SAR professionals, we can ensure that this accident is investigated in a thorough and detailed manner to reduce the chance of an accident of this nature from recurring,” said Col Smith. “We owe this to the memories of these fine men and their families, and the BOI team is completely committed to expending as much effort and time as is required.”

Upon completion of their work, the BOI will submit a report to Major-General Bouchard for review and furtherance to the Chief of the Defence Staff. The findings and recommendations will then be made public, subject to the limitations by the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act.

Military Board of Inquiry into the Crash of CH149 Cormorant Helicopter 914 on 13 July 2006