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BAE Comments Delivery of 100th Eurofighter

WARTON, United Kingdom --- The UK, Spain, Germany and Italy joined celebrations at BAE Systems in Lancashire this week to mark the successful handover of the 100th Typhoon production aircraft.

The aircraft (BS022) was handed over to the Royal Air Force at the BAE Systems site at Warton on 29 September 2006. It is the 35th Typhoon to be handed over to the RAF and the 100th production aircraft to be manufactured by the four partner nations.

Aloysius Rauen, the Chief Executive of the Eurofighter consortium said: “Typhoon has demonstrated and confirmed its outstanding performance in development. It has now also done this in production.”

Chris Boardman, BAE Systems managing director for Typhoon added: “This is a significant day for the Royal Air Force and for each of the other partner air forces. The Eurofighter programme is a massive and complex undertaking which requires the best talent from each of the four nations and produces an aircraft we believe is second to none. Pilots love the aircraft - and its capabilities have won respect across the globe.”

Boardman added that he was “proud” of the work undertaken by the employees at BAE Systems to bring to fruition a programme that has clearly demonstrated the potential of nations working together to achieve a common goal.

While the main focus was on the 100th aircraft, Eurofighter GmbH also disclosed last week that the Eurofighter four nation test fleet has now completed more than 5,000 flights as the programme continues to develop and mature. These test flights are part of the main phase of development for the Typhoon – a phase which is expected to be concluded over the next year.

Typhoon Quick Facts

- Typhoon can travel one kilometre in 2 seconds
- Typhoon can pull and sustain 9g
- It is a true swing role aircraft carrying out the roles of three ‘traditional’ aircraft

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Typhoon ‘Centenary’ Celebrations at BAE Systems