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Australia's DoD Pleased by Audit of ASLAV Program

The Australian National Audit Office report on the Management of the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) program shows, “The ASLAVs have proven to be significant addition to the Army’s capability.” (ANAO report para 9, p13)

Over the past 15 years, the program has successfully delivered 257 new and upgraded vehicles to Army.

The $35M ASLAV upgrade program will be completed on time and within budget on 31 October, when the last two vehicles roll off the upgrade line.

“The ASLAV vehicles have been supplied to the Australian Defence Force generally in accordance with the provision of the Contract and within the approved cost envelope.” (ANAO report para 10, p13)

The ASLAV Program is also responsible for the sustainment of the in-service fleet that maximises operational availability and continues to improve the capability. In 2005, the Program delivered the first group of 40 enhanced ASLAVs for the deployment to Iraq and continued to provide support overseas.

The 62 ASLAVs deployed to the Middle East today are the best-equipped and most capable light armoured vehicle in their class. The stabilised turreted 25mm cannons and Remote Weapon Station systems have day sights, thermal night weapon sights and integrated laser range finders. The vehicles and their crew are also well protected with enhanced ballistic steel armour and spall liners to improve protection against blast, bullets and fragmentation.

The vehicles in the ASLAV fleet have also achieved impressive availability rates of greater than 90%. This has ensured that training and operations can be conducted effectively at all times. The ASLAV Program, within the Defence Materiel Organisation and working closely with defence industry, has delivered this capability to meet the needs of soldiers in the field.

Defence agrees with the single ANAO recommendation that DMO review its measures for document management and control.

The Australian Government is committed to further enhancing the organisational efficiency, business processes and information management systems in Defence through the establishment of the Defence Management Review and the Defence Business Improvement Board.

ASLAV Program Continues to Deliver Capability