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Bundestag Approval Launches Production of 472 Boxer Armored Vehicles

MUNICH --- Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) welcomes today's decision of the German parliament (Bundestag) in Berlin to procure 272 highly protected Boxer vehicles. It has set with this decision an especially important procurement milestone towards a European-developed armored transport vehicle involving border-crossing production with the Dutch partner. The Dutch armed forces will procure 200 Boxer vehicles as well.

"The positive decision of the German legislature in favour of the Boxer is a clear signal for mission- oriented equipment of modern armed forces and at the same time underlines the firm intent to define and use defense procurement projects from a European perspective and on a border-crossing and multi-national basis," says Frank Haun, chairman of the KMW Board of Management.

With the Boxer, the Dutch and German armed forces will in future have a vehicle of modular construction, capable of deployment for a variety of demanding missions. It takes just a few minutes to exchange so-called mission modules on a common vehicle chassis for highly protected personnel transport as well as for command, ambulance, maintenance and cargo functions.

The Boxer is an optimally protected, highly mobile transport vehicle of high payload capacity and can be deployed reliably even in extreme environments. Its comprehensive protection against mines and ballistic threats is based on the most advanced technologies and guarantees maximum crew survivability. High mobility, stealth design, modern observation equipment, an effective self-defense armament, the smoke grenade launcher as well as the standard NBC protection and environmental control system are further key features enhancing survivability in critical situations.

With its consistent modular construction, the BOXER represents an ideal, highly flexible system platform for a variety of different missions. Its high payload capacity, combined with a large, fully protected interior, permits the integration of complex kits and offers future-oriented growth potential. Proven powerpack and suspension components ensure superb off- and on-road mobility in any situation. Rapid availability in out-of-area missions is guaranteed by its airportability on the Airbus A 400M.

The Boxer is a German-Dutch procurement project developed within the program organisation of ARTEC, a consortium consisting of the companies of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (36%), Rheinmetall Landsysteme (14%) and Stork (50%).

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH und Co. KG is Europe's market leader for armored wheeled and tracked vehicles. With a workforce of approximately 2,800 and extensive system expertise, KMW as the leading system manufacturer develops, manufactures and supports a product line up ranging from air portable and mine-protected wheeled vehicles (Mungo, Dingo and Boxer), to reconnaissance, air defense and artillery systems (Fennek, Gepard, PzH 2000 and AGM) all the way to heavy battle tanks (Leopard 1 and 2) and armored infantry fighting vehicles (Puma). The armed forces of 29 nations worldwide rely on operational systems supplied by KMW. (ends)
GTK Boxer for the German Armed Forces