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Airbus Freezes Spare Parts Prices (Dec. 4)

Airbus is introducing a set of temporary measures to support customers who are suffering from the current economic downturn. Customer Services' action plan features measures designed to alleviate financial difficulties by reducing workload and costs, and will involve Airbus suppliers and vendors in a concerted effort to help customers weather the recession.

Firstly, Airbus has introduced a six-month freeze of its price catalogue for spare parts, goods and services to improve customers' cash flow situations. Airbus is also absorbing the engineering and certification costs related to new cockpit security modifications, and will provide the modification kits at reduced prices.

As many airlines may need to re-structure their organization and operations, Airbus will offer pilot training at a reduced price. Airbus will also offer additional training in materiel cost optimization free of charge, to help reduce customers' workload and associated costs.

Finally, Airbus is offering a free six-month trial period of AIRMAN, a smart maintenance software tool that significantly enhances airlines' aircraft maintenance operations, improving operational reliability and reducing costs.

"Our customers are in a difficult situation and to the extent we can, we will help," said Patrick Gavin, Airbus Executive Vice President Customer Services. "We have taken a close look at all the services we provide and have come up with a set of cost-saving measures for our customers in several key areas. We have launched these actions with the full support of our suppliers and vendors and, together, we will be continuing to examine areas in which more help can be provided."

Airbus is an EADS joint company with BAE Systems.


Airbus Announces Measures To Help Reduce Airlines' Operating Costs