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Airbus A320 Family Passes 5,000th Order Mark

TOULOUSE, France --- With the 5,000th order for A320 Family aircraft, Airbus has reached a significant landmark, highlighting the Family’s position as the benchmark for single-aisle airliners. In the last two years alone, the A320 Family has received orders for around 1,600 aircraft, making it not only the best-selling but also the fastest-selling jet airliner of all time. The 5,000th order was reached with the sale of 30 A319 aircraft to U.S.–based customer Spirit Airlines. This new order confirms the A320 Family aircraft as the undoubted reference for the low-cost carrier market.

“The 5,000th order of our A320 aircraft family marks an historic milestone for Airbus and the aviation industry”, commented Airbus Chief Executive Officer, Louis Gallois. “The A320 is without a doubt the world’s most popular passenger aircraft, having outsold any other single-generation aircraft programme. In addition, the programme goes from strength to strength, with the continuing high level of orders giving Airbus an unprecedented backlog of more than 2,000 single-aisle aircraft. It will fill our production lines for many years to come.”

To match the strong demand for its A320 Family, Airbus has decided to implement a steady production ramp-up. The monthly production rate was increased from 30 aircraft per month at the end of 2006, to its current rate of 32 per month and is scheduled to rise to 36 by the end of 2008. This will represent the highest production rate ever for any commercial airliner.

With the most modern design of any single-aisle aircraft, the Airbus A320 Family is best placed to deliver the lowest operating costs, making it the most economical aircraft in its class. With the widest cabin in its class, the A320 Family offers passengers more space, comfort and overhead stowage volume for their money, making it the preferred aircraft on short-to-medium haul routes.

Uniquely in its class, the Airbus A320 Family delivers many features as standard, such as a weight-saving composite primary structure, a choice of engines and auxiliary power units, and a fuel-saving aerodynamic design. The A320 was the first airliner to have fly-by-wire controls, giving the highest degree of operational commonality both within the A320 Family and with other Airbus fly-by-wire types. This gives airlines greater flexibility in pilot scheduling, helping them to achieve greater productivity and cost savings.

The A320 Family’s impressive level of dispatch reliability further enhances profitability and passenger service. In addition the A320 Family is an environmentally responsible neighbour, offering the lowest fuel-burn, emissions and noise footprints in its class.

Firm orders for Airbus single-aisle aircraft now stand at 5,016 aircraft, making it the world’s fastest and best-selling jet airliner of all time. The Airbus A320 Family has been ordered by, or is in service with, more than 200 customers and operators worldwide and has completed 30 million flight cycles and 50 million flight hours.

Airbus is an EADS company.

Airbus A320 Family Passes 5,000th Order Mark