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Airborne Laser to Begin In-Flight Testing

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) announced that the Airborne Laser is currently undergoing flight testing of the beam control/fire control system, which includes both the Tracking Illuminator Laser and Beacon Illuminator Laser.

During upcoming flight tests, both the TILL and BILL will be fired in-flight against the Black Crow, an aircraft using a painted missile on the side of the aircraft for tracking purposes, to demonstrate the ability of the ABL to track the target as well as compensate for effects of the atmosphere.

These lasers were installed on the ABL aircraft during aircraft ground modifications in 2006 and are an important component of the ABL's beam control/fire control system.

The TILL and BILL were operated many times during the ground testing of the aircraft which completed in December of 2006.

Airborne Laser In-Flight Testing