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ATK Wins Artillery Guidance Kit Contract

MINNEAPOLIS --- Alliant Techsystems has received an initial 18-month, $18 million system design and development (SDD) contract from the United States Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) to proceed with development of the company's revolutionary precision guidance kit (PGK) for 155mm artillery.

The follow-on production options, scheduled for first deliveries in 2009, are expected to be worth approximately $125 million over a three year period. It is expected that there will be additional domestic and international sales to follow.

"PGK will introduce an era of never-before imagined precision for U.S. and NATO artillery" said Dan Murphy, Chairman and CEO. "The performance and simplicity of the GPS-guided design will transform existing unguided rounds into affordable, one shot, one kill weapon systems. Because PGK does not require the development of a new projectile or gun system, it will establish the conventional 155mm howitzer as the most affordable long-range precision- strike system on the battlefield."

ATK was awarded the contract following a multi-day, competitive shoot-off at the Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma, Arizona. During the competition, ATK demonstrated accuracy better than twice that required.

ATK's PGK design features a GPS-based, fixed canard guidance and control approach with gun-hardened electronics, a self-generated power supply, and a minimum number of moving parts.

ATK is a $3.8 billion advanced weapon and space systems company employing approximately 15,500 people in 21 states.

ATK Awarded Precision Guidance Kit Contract After Multi-Day Competitive Shoot-Off