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Boeing To Make parts For Arrow Missile (Jan. 21)

BEN-GURION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Israel---The Boeing Company and Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) signed a strategic teaming agreement this evening which will lead to Boeing manufacturing components of the IAI developed Arrow missile. The Arrow missile is part of the full Arrow anti-ballistic missile system, the world's only operational anti-ballistic missile system.

The Israel Government received permission from the United States Government to allow IAI to negotiate with American firms with the goal of finding an American company to help increase the production rate of Arrow components because of the need to deploy more Arrow missiles in an accelerated manner.

Boeing will be responsible for production of approximately 50 per cent of the Arrow missile components in the United States. IAI, the prime contractor of the Arrow system, will be responsible for integration and final assembly of the Arrow missile in Israel.

Mr. Moshe Keret, President and CEO of Israel Aircraft Industries and Mr. James Evatt, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Boeing's Missile Defense Systems signed the agreement at IAI's Headquarter, Ben-Gurion International Airport, Israel.

Mr. Keret said "I am very pleased to have concluded this agreement with Boeing which we see as an extension of an existing commitment between the two companies to cooperate in as many areas as possible. Arrow was developed by IAI in response to the threat facing Israel from ballistic missiles and having Boeing as our partner will help speed up the delivery of the Arrows missile that we urgently need for the security of the State of Israel."

Mr. Evatt said "Co-production of the Arrow Interceptor for Israel is an opportunity that our two teams have worked very hard on during these past two years. Our teams have developed an excellent relationship. I want to thank our two teams for their dedication in getting us to this stage ­ a beginning in our collaborative efforts on Arrow."

In order for Boeing to begin implementation of the Arrow component production agreement, an approved United States State Department - Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) is required. Boeing submitted the TAA to the State Department on January 17.

Following TAA approval, Boeing will begin to establish the capability to produce the various Arrow missile components. In addition Boeing will coordinate the production of Arrow missile components already being manufactured in the United States.

During the phase of the Arrow program preceding the signing of this agreement, more than 150 American firms located in over 25 states were already manufacturing Arrow components, which were assembled at IAI. Delivery of the first Boeing Arrow components is scheduled to take place approximately 20 months following receipt of a production order.


Israel Aircraft Industries and Boeing Sign Strategic Teaming Agreement On Arrow Missile