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Antonov Has Its Day at Paris Air Show

On June 20, 2007, at the Le Bourget 2007 the 47th Paris International Air Show, series of actions named “Antonov Day” took place under the aegis of GIFAS, Association of aviation enterprises of France. The event of such a level was firstly conducted for the aircraft building enterprise from CIS countries.

The conference devoted to the international cooperation on the AN-148 program became the main event.

D.S.Kiva, General Designer of ANTONOV ASTC, told about current status and perspectives of the AN-148.

Managers of GIFAS as well as Thales, Liebherr, Crouzet companies told about their experience in joint work with ANTONOV ASTC on fitting the AN-148 with the newest European equipment which meets the most rigid present-day and perspective international requirements.

Mr. Benoit Tellier, First vice president of Thales, said in particular: “Antonov-148 fitted with our equipment is the show-case of our mutual achievements. This aircraft has good future in the international market. I hope cooperation between ANTONOV and Thales will develop. ANTONOV is the famous name in the world aviation”

Mr. Jean-Paul Veziant, Ambassador of France in Ukraine, noted: “France and Ukraine are good partners in aerospace branch. We pay especial attention to cooperation of Thales, Liebherr Aerospace, Crouzet and other French companies with ANTONOV on joint design and deliveries of equipment for the modern commercial airplanes. Today partners learned each other better and it would be resulted in increasing the effectiveness of their further cooperation”.

For information:

The program of AN-148 design and construction has been accomplished by ANTONOV ASTC with a wide scope of international cooperation, covering dozens of leading companies from 13 countries: Ukraine, the Russian Federation, France, Germany, the United States of America, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The wide experience and knowledge of these companies, in combination with the most innovative technologies used in the creation of the AN-148 made this aircraft one of the advanced airliners in the world.

AN-148 is the first to make a maiden flight among the commercial More Electric Aircraft with power by wire primary flight control surface actuators. As a result of this revolutionary technological application, the pressurization of the hydraulic system has been considerably reduced and the aircraft safety level as a whole is increased. In connection with increased requirements for the electrical system AN-148 is supplied with electrical equipment of THALES (France). The airplane’s compliance with new strict requirements for EWIS protection is provided by using the arc fault circuit breakers (AFCB) of CROUZET AUTOMATISMES (France) and AN-148 is the first aircraft in the world with such equipment.

The newest achievements of aviation science have been implemented in almost every system of the aircraft. The latest LITEF (Gemany) attitude and heading reference systems using fibre optic rate gyros provide precise aircraft motion and attitude data to the primary flight control and pilot instrument systems. The reliable high quality radio communication equipment is provided by ROCKWELL COLLINS (USA).

To guarantee high comfort level in the passenger compartment the most advanced LIEBHERR AEROSPACE (France) integrated air management system is used. DUNLOP TYRES AEROSPACE (Great Britain) has developed new tyres especially for AN-148 landing gear. It is necessary to note, that the AN-148 landing gear has the highest weight efficiency in its aircraft class due to the wide application of titanium alloys in structural components.

“Antonov Day” at Le Bourget