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British Army Installs 40 Warrior Simulators

The Army has taken delivery of nearly 40 of the latest military gunnery simulators – designed to help hone the skills of gunners in the Warrior armoured fighting vehicles.

Under the £6.5M programme, 36 upgraded Warrior Gunnery Turret Trainers (WRGTT) will be delivered to bases in the UK and Germany, with the Gunnery School at Lulworth in Dorset being the first to receive them.

The upgraded systems are highly realistic and will help young gunners improve their aiming and gunnery procedures in a variety of combat scenarios.

Lieutenant Colonel Denis Vincent from HQ Infantry said:

"These upgraded gunnery simulators utilise some of the latest software developments and are a huge step forward in our training capability. Simulators will never replace live firing, which is vital to our training for operations, but technology like this helps us train crews to a very high standard before they get to the actual ranges and ensure they really reap the training benefits of live firing."

Mr Marc Parent, Group President, Simulation Products and Military Training Services for CAE added:

"CAE is proud to have delivered these state of the art trainers that will play such an important part in delivering operational capability."

The simulators can mimic not just the cannon and machine guns on the Warrior vehicles but also a wide range of weather, terrains and enemy forces – allowing effective in-depth training. The upgrade combines the original Warrior Individual and Platoon training into a single capability at nine locations in the UK and Germany.

Warrior Gunnery Turret Trainers have been upgraded under the principles of the Enhanced Capability Armoured Training System (ECATS) programme, which aims to deliver structured, progressive and affordable Armoured Fighting Vehicle tactical and technical training in the appropriate balance of live and synthetic environments.

Training in the latest battlefield technologies is under way and the Warrior Gunnery Turret Trainers will play a significant role in providing fully trained crews in sufficient quantities to meet operational requirements.

Warrior Gunnery Simulators Hone Fighting Skills