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Antonov Sees Good Mid-East Prospects for AN-148

High performances, comfortable passenger compartment, compliance with the modern and future airworthiness requirements, effectiveness, flexibility to operational conditions, ability to work under different weather conditions and to base on the wide net of airfields, ease of maintenance are the characteristics that provide the family of AN-148 regional jets with good perspectives in the Near East.

ANTONOV airplanes are well-known in this region. Passenger AN-24s, transport AN-26s, multi- purpose AN-74s, AN-32s have been working there for many years.

AN-148 designed under the wide international cooperation with use of the newest technologies is ready to continue the work of its predecessors on air routes of the Near East. The volume of sales of basic version of AN-148-100 intended for tranportation of 70-80 passengers in this region is evaluated in 50 airplanes.

VIP-versions of AN-148, its transport version with side cargo door as well as the military transport airplane are perspective for promotion in the region.

Abilities of AN-148 family attracted the attention of Ahmad Ebrahim R Al-Malki, Staff General of Qatar during his visit to ANTONOV ASTC in October 2007.

In November 2007 visitors of DUBAI Airshow’2007 can familiarize with the different versions of AN-148. “Taking into consideration the experience of work in the region, ANTONOV offers to operators the wide spectrum of versions of AN-148s. Main thing for us is to provide a customer with such a version of AN-148 it needs namely” says D.S.Kiva, General Designer.

AN-148 Has Good Perspectives on the Near East