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AgustaWestland Wins £470M for Sea King Support

The MoD has awarded a £470 million contract to Agusta Westland for the maintenance and support of Sea King helicopters.

The support contract transfers more responsibility to Agusta Westland to cover Sea King maintenance and on-site support to most Search and Rescue (SAR) sites. The contract introduces more efficient support arrangements and an improved service to the front line Sea King users.

Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Baroness Taylor said:

"I am delighted to announce the award of the second implementation phase of the Sea King Integrated Operational Support contract. The first phase of SKIOS successfully overhauled the way in which technical and spares services are provided to the different types of Sea King helicopter used by the UK's Armed Forces, and this second phase will broaden the work undertaken by industry on depth repair and flight line support to the Search and Rescue task.

"This contract provides a much more efficient way of doing business, and savings of over £90 million in the next twelve years are expected, representing good value for British taxpayers.

"Most importantly there will be no reduction in performance or service provided."

This new contract extends the scope to cover Sea King depth maintenance, carried out at Defence Aviation Repair Agency Fleetlands, with component maintenance at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton along with forward support to most SAR sites.

Savings of over £90 million are expected to be made over the next twelve years.

Sea King helicopters are a key workhorse of the UK Armed Forces. They are used for a variety of tasks, often in harsh and difficult environments. The Sea King is operated by all three Front Line Commands, providing roles including battlefield helicopter support to the Commando Force (Mk 4); Search and Rescue (Mk3/3a and Mk5) and airborne surveillance and control (Mk7).

1. Agusta Westland has been awarded the SKIOS Implementation Phase 2 contract that builds on the first phase of the SKIOS contract. The contract, which covers the aircraft up to its out of service date, is valued at about £470 million for five years.

2. Under Phase one, Agusta Westland took responsibility for the technical provisions including transmission, mechanical and avionics support, spares, repairs and technical advice. The contract replaced around 60 separate contracts with over 30 different suppliers and has proved very successful, providing a fast and responsive support service with industry on-site teams at each Sea King main operating base.

3. Agusta Westland has appointed a number of major sub-contractors, Selex Systems, Thales, Vosper Thorneycroft Aerospace and DARA Fleetlands as part of the contract. (ends)
New £470 Million Support Contract for Sea King