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100th Stryker Repair Completed at Qatar Site

CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar --- A ceremony marking the completion of the 100th Stryker Combat Vehicle was held Jan. 12 at the Stryker Battle Damage Repair Facility, Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar.

Col. Robert W. Schumiz, program manager for the Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Warren, Mich., spoke to the 90-member workforce and other invited guests.

Schumitz summarized the historical accomplishments of the facility - including the repair of five Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle 513s. The ICV 513s were damaged and initially identified as a total loss when they arrived. Once the facility stood up, the vehicles became the first to be repaired in Spring 2005.

"It [ICV 513] represents battle damage repair capability and the five vehicles that have been through here twice. What a significant accomplishment . . . it represents a proven capability that is now being replicated in the United States, two years after this capability was established. Normally, it's the other way around. I applaud your efforts and congratulate each of you for your hard work, your work ethic, 'can do' attitude and pride in workmanship. Every vehicle is delivered to the Army looking like a newly manufactured vehicle," said Schumitz.

Lt. Col. Maxine Girard, 1st Battalion - 401st Army Field Support Brigade commander, also praised the workers and support personnel. "ICV 513 represents lives saved, it represents the indomitable spirit of the American Soldier as well as your hard work . . . you truly epitomize our battalion motto of strength through readiness," said Girard.

By moving the structural and repair assessment processes to Iraq, the Battle Damage Repair Facility reduced the repair process from 200 days per vehicle in 2005 to 60 days per vehicle in 2007.

The Qatar and Anniston Army Depot facilities currently repair and return 12 battle damaged Strykers to Iraq every month.


100th Stryker Repair Completed at Qatar Site