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Canadian Defense Spending to Rise in 2008

In an unpredictable and volatile world, protecting Canadians and Canada is a fundamental responsibility of the Government. The foundation for building the Canadian Forces of tomorrow was laid with the $5.3-billion, five-year Canada First defence plan announced in Budget 2006. Significant progress has already been made, with several major procurement projects announced and being implemented.

Building on this foundation, the Government is developing a long-term Canada First Defence Strategy. The strategy will set long-term objectives and make a long-term commitment of support for the Canadian Forces. This is a new and innovative approach to rebuilding the military where predictable long-term funding will support the modernization and growth of the Forces. The result will be a stronger, more flexible and high-tech military for Canada.

The Canada First Defence Strategy will also strengthen Canada’s industrial and technological advantages by setting the foundations for a new relationship with industry. A stable, predictable and long-term investment program will create new, significant and long-term opportunities for communities and businesses across Canada. Canadian industry will have the opportunity to position itself as high-tech leaders, invest proactively in research, and develop technologies that can be used at home and exported to foreign markets.

This budget provides the funding stability and predictability that will allow for the successful implementation of the Canada First Defence Strategy by increasing the automatic annual increase on defence spending to 2 per cent (from the current 1.5 per cent) beginning in 2011–12. Over the next 20 years, this is expected to provide the Canadian Forces with an additional $12 billion.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The above is excerpted from the government’s general 2008 budget overview. We will post defense budget information as soon as it is released.)

Canada First Defence Strategy (Excerpt)