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AMS Delivers Simulators To UK Forces (Apr. 9)

AMS has delivered a Merlin Acoustic Trainer to the Royal Navy's Operational Training School at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall, UK in February 2002, for use as a stand-alone shipborne trainer. This is currently undergoing sea trials on HMS Ark Royal. The Trainer will be used to provide Merlin Sonar Operators with continuation training at sea to prevent deterioration of perishable operational skills.

Lt Commander Richard Sandover, O/C of the RN Warfare Support & Development Centre, stated that,"The Merlin Acoustic Trainer is a system which closely matches the real aircraft sonics system and has the potential to make a complete, deployable rear seat trainer."

The Trainer is designed to satisfy training objectives associated with Analysis, Classification and Localisation undertaken via scenario driven tactical exercises. The exercises are designed to enhance individual operational and analysis skills combined with tactical decision making.

The Sonar Trainer's instructor station is used in a dynamic role to create and control scenarios and assess trainees. The instructor is supported by comprehensive lesson preparation, briefing and debriefing facilities.

This sophisticated trainer is the second generation of AMS ship-deployable sonar trainers and is based on Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) networked PC's running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Sonar Trainer has been produced at the Integrated Systems Division's Donibristle site in Fife, near Edinburgh. (ends)

AMS Supplies Merlin Acoustic Trainer to HMS Ark Royal