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Antonov Refurbishes AN-148 for Ukrainian Customer

On July 3, 2008 at ANTONOV ASTC re-equipment of AN-148-100 the first regional passenger aircraft of a new generation has been completed. The aircraft has to be delivered to the Ukrainian customer, «Leasingtechtrans» state leasing company. In the nearest time the aircraft will pass the series of ground, flight- design and acceptance tests. During these tests all the aircraft systems will be checked in operational mode. After that the aircraft will be delivered to the customer and will start operation.

Before the aircraft roll-out from the assembly shop, Mr. Dmytro Kiva, General Designer addressed to the ANTONOV team. He thanked for the works performed in time and noted necessity to design, construct and test the AN-148-200 stretched 99-seater and other versions of the AN-148 in the same tempo. Mr. Vyacheslav Boguslaev, President of Motor Sich JSC, addressed to ANTONOV workers on behalf of his company, supplier of Д-436-148 engines for AN-148. He told that serial production of the engines for AN-148 had been launched and they will be delivered to the aviation plants timely and in necessary quantity.

Mr. Alexander Vlasishen, Director General of «Leasingtechtrans», expressed its satisfaction with the process of first AN-148-100 preparation for entrance into operation. In particular, he said: “AN-148 is the future of our aviation. We are very glad to be the first customers of this aircraft in Ukraine. We have signed the firm contract on 4 such aircraft. Roll-out of the first of them took place today.”

AN-148 is the regional jet of a new generation being developed by ANTONOV ASTC in cooperation with more than 240 enterprises of 14 countries of the world. The basic version of the aircraft (up to 85 seats) completed the wide programme of the tests and on February 28, 2007 obtained the Type Certificates issued by Aviation Register of the International Aviation Committee and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Till present the contracts including firm orders of more than 50 aircraft of the AN-148 family have been signed with the airlines of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Serial production of AN-148 is launched in Ukraine, at AVIANT Kiev Aviation Plant State Enterprise, and in Russia, at Voronezh Aircraft Building JSC.

ANTONOV Completed Re-Equipment of the first AN-148 for the Ukrainian Customer