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Alenia Aermacchi at Defendory 2008 Show

The current edition of Defendory 2008 sees Alenia Aermacchi fully ready to offer to the Hellenic Air Force its Integrated Training System based on the New Generation M-346 Advanced/LIFTrainer, for the Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) programme. The participation of Alenia Aermacchi comes in the wake of the recent successful M-346 short listing in the two international Air Forces contests of UAE and Singapore after thorough and comprehensive flight evaluations.

The M-346 is a twin engine jet trainer designed to cover the Advanced/LIFT (Lead-In Fighter Training) phase of the combat pilots training syllabus. The aircraft embodies the latest “design-to-cost” and “design-to-maintain” concepts, with avionics modelled upon those of latest generation front line combat aircraft. The training qualities of the M-346 make also possible an efficient “downloading” of flight hours from the Operational Conversion Unit phase. With the first pre-series aircraft, which took to the air at the beginning of July 2008, the M-346 is in the advanced industrialization phase and continues to gain momentum.

The M-346 programme is attracting increasing interest from potential international customers and partners. In addition to the Italian Air Force, UAE and Singapore, interesting opportunities exist on leading markets such as Saudi Arabia, Greece and Chile. Above all the Advanced European Jet Pilot Training programme still represents a great opportunity involving the air forces of nine countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, plus Italy itself). Several countries including Greece, Portugal, Poland and lately Chile have already declared their interest in participating in the M-346 programme through industrial cooperation agreements linked to the production phase.

Particularly Alenia Aermacchi has been actively pursuing, since a long time, the construction of a diversified involvement programme of the Hellenic industry in the M-346 New Generation Advanced/LIFTrainer programme. The involvement of the Hellenic industry, designed to be in full compliance with the new Country regulations about the defence acquisition, will assure an important transfer of the know-how and state of the art technologies and a profitable long lasting participation in a genuine international aviation project.

Alenia Aermacchi at the Defendory International 2008