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Alcatel Upgrades Kourou Communications (May15)

PARIS---Alcatel has announced that the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), the French Space Agency, has selected Alcatel technology to interconnect all the buildings of the Guyana Space Center located in Kourou, the location of the Ariane space launches.

The project, financed by the European Space Agency (ESA), calls for the design, supply and installation of a 14-node network in which 14 Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 communication systems will be installed offering more than 6,000 lines, 1,500 of which are 3G digital technology and the rest of analogue technology.

The networkability of the ALcatel OmniPCX 4400 allows CNES to build an IP-based network that connects the Guyana Space Center with the CNES space center in the Toulouse, France, with 5,000 users, and with the launch division based in Evry, France, with 500 users.

The uniformity of the telephony networks between France and French Guyana, will allow the centralised management of all the CNES telecommunications through the Alcatel management system, Alcatel OmniVista A4760.

Therefore, all the centres belonging to the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales will be interconnected, with the highest service level improving the telephony communications performance, allowing a significant costs saving and increasing network flexibility and security.

This application will reduce the CNES 's annual expenses on voice traffic and will offer employees service benefits by providing improved call handling capabilities and voicemail functionality.

"With the award-winning Alcatel OmniPCX 4400, CNES will be migrating to a new-generation telephone system while protecting its legacy network investment. At the same time, the Alcatel solution will improve corporate communication, reliability and provide efficiencies in time and effort," said José Luis Rózpide, General Manager for the e Business Networking Activities of Alcatel España.

The French Space Agency, CNES, was created in December 1961 in order to develop French space activities. Its activities and products cover all aspects in the field of innovation and research of new applications. The role of the CNES is to propose, to the French government, directives concerning space policy and carry out, with its industrial partners, these programs. The CNES is a major participant in the European Space Agency (ESA) and supports a dynamic national program which guarantees its industrial success on a world level.

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Alcatel Expands French Guyana Voice Communications Network