Bulgaria Sells Ten Su-25 Fighters to Georgia
(Source: World Aviation Press Agency; published June 25, 2013)
(Published in Italian; unofficial translation by defense-aerospace.com)
SOFIA, Bulgaria --- Bulgaria has sold 10 attack aircraft Sukhoi Su-25, which had been withdrawn from service in summer 2012, to Georgia at a price that, according to the Russian newspaper "Vzglyad" should be around 8 million Bulgarian leva (just over 4 million euros) per aircraft.

The aircraft had been withdrawn from service as they had reached the end of their operational life, and were sold as a source of spare parts. However, the newspaper suggests that they could be refurbished in Tbilisi and then sold on to an unnamed African country.

Until 2012, the Bulgarian Air Force operated 12 Su-25s: 10 Su-25Ks (the basic version for export, which curiously was built in Georgia) and two Su-25UBs two-seat training aircraft. Among the countries of the Warsaw Pact, Bulgaria in 1985 was the second to get the Su-25, which was used to replace the now obsolete fleet of MiG-17F.

The Su-25 (NATO designation: Frogfoot) is an attack aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau in the 70s and which entered service in 1981. Over 1,000 aircraft of this type were built, and those still in service are primarily flown in countries that were in the sphere of influence of the former Soviet Union.


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