Raytheon Hails Administration's Decision To Release Patriot for Sale to Egypt
(Source : Raytheon)

;LEXINGTON, Mass.--- Secretary of Defense William Cohen's announcement of the release of the Patriot Air Defense system for sale to Egypt was hailed today by Patriot manufacturer Raytheon Company as most welcome.
;William H. Swanson, chairman and chief executive officer of Raytheon Systems Company, said, "The Administration's decision to release Patriot is the key first step in a process leading Egypt to join eight other nations which use the world's most advanced and only combat-proven system capable of defending against the entire spectrum of air defense threats, including high performance aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.''
Greece recently signed a contract with Raytheon Company for four Patriot batteries, including logistic and engineering support for the system and for Hellenic industry over the life of the program. The contract, potentially worth more than $1.1 billion, includes the option to purchase two more batteries at a later date. While the exact number of batteries required in Egypt is under discussion, this sale to Egypt is expected to be at least comparable to the Greece sale and should be completed by the end of the year.
The Patriot PAC 3 to be fielded to both Greece and Egypt is the same version as that currently being fielded to US Forces. This includes the latest PAC-3 configuration of the Patriot Ground Equipment, the latest Post Deployment Build (PDB)-5 system tactical software, and the Patriot Guidance Enhanced Missile (GEM). Since the Gulf War, the United States Department of Defense has invested more than US$1.5 billion in enhancements and upgrades, ensuring that Patriot remains the world's most advanced air defense system.
;"The combination of higher performance and lower operating costs than competitive systems make Patriot far and away the best value air defense system available in the world today,'' continued Swanson. "Patriot is a modern system that requires much less equipment and personnel to operate than any competitive system.''
;Raytheon has deployed Patriot Missile Systems all around the globe. Egypt would join Greece, Germany, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and the United States as users of Patriot.
;Raytheon Company, based in Lexington, Mass., is a global technology leader that provides products and services in the areas of commercial and defense electronics, engineering and construction, and business and special mission aircraft. Raytheon has operations throughout the United States and serves customers in more than 80 countries around the world.


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