Norway Will Invest 8 Billion NOK in Safer Airspace
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued June 13, 2019)
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“Military air surveillance makes Norway safer. New radars will help to detect and avert illegal intrusion of our national airspace,” says Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.

The Government will invest NOK 8 billion ($920 million—Ed.)in new radars to monitor Norwegian airspace. On Wednesday, the case was dealt with in the Storting, which gives its support to the project.

“New radars will make us better able to monitor the airspace over Norway. Combined with the use of fighter aircraft and ground-based air defense, it ensures our airspace, and it strengthens the freedom of action of our military forces,” says Defense Minister Bakke-Jensen.

“This will also make Norway a better ally. It is important that we have good air monitoring, that helps NATO member states get up-to-date information and a better decision-making basis,” the Defense Minister said.

The new radars will replace the oldest air surveillance radars in Norway.

“Many of today's radars are rapidly approaching the end of their lifetime and need to be renewed to meet future challenges. This is part of the Government's long-term commitment to the Armed Forces,” says Bakke-Jensen.

The eight new radars will replace eight existing ones. The overall coverage of our national airspace is enhanced by reusing three of the existing sites and establishing five in new locations.

In addition, two of the new radars will be portable and can be used to enhance monitoring where necessary.

The entire project will be completed by 2030. The Ministry of Defense aims to start the procurement process by the end of the year.


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