Questions Regarding Costs Related to the Fighter Plane Acquisition
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence; issued June 17, 2019)
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On June 17, Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen sent a letter to Parliament’s Constitutional Control Committee, answering a number of questions about the costs of the fighter aircraft. The questions relate to the use of the contingency provision, the probability of reaching the management framework, as well as the method and use of the exchange rate to calculate the anticipated cost.

In order to ensure that the Storting has a good overview of the cost picture, the allocations for new combat aircraft with a base solution have been separated out on a separate chapter in the state budget. This was done in connection with the processing of Prop. 111 S (2011-2012) in order to make the total allocations visible in a clear manner. The chapter includes the implementation costs of the program, the investment cost of F-35 fighter aircraft with equipment, the membership cost of the multinational partnership, and the investment cost of the F-35 base solution.

The fighter program carries out a thorough financial uncertainty analysis each year. The methodology for these is described in Appendix 2 to Prop. 73 S (2011-2012). The results of the analysis form the basis for the management of the program and are also the basis for the annual allocation requirement for the fighter aircraft acquisition and the cost reporting to the Storting.

Through reporting in the annual budget proposals, the Storting is well acquainted with the cost picture of the fighter aircraft acquisition, including how we are in relation to the cost framework and the management framework. We have used the same methodology for currency calculation since 2012 to ensure uniform and objective calculation of costs over time. The acquisition does not have a cost burden, as several have claimed.

Click here for the Minister’s letter (10 PDF pages, in Norwegian) on the Norwegian government website.


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