Franco-British Defence Cooperation: More Necessary Than Ever
(Source: British and French Parliamentary Defense Committees; issued June 18, 2019)
PARIS --- Gathered symbolically on the anniversary of General de Gaulle's call to resistance made from London, French and British parliamentarians from the committees of the four Houses covering defence matters have reaffirmed the importance of the Franco-British defence cooperation relationship in the context of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

The Lancaster House Treaties (2010) between France and the United Kingdom established very close defence cooperation between the two countries on both the operational and industrial levels, including a joint expeditionary force and several major industrial projects.

This working session, bringing together 15 members of the four Houses of Parliament, is a strong political signal of the solidity of this bilateral defence relationship. It testifies to the fact that this bilateral defence relationship remains essential to the security of the two Nations and of Europe as a whole.


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