Damen Shipyards Wins Tender for Germany’s Multi-Purpose Combat Ship 180
(Source: compiled by Defense-Aerospace.com; posted Jan. 14, 2020))
Unlike its predecessors, designed for operations in northern waters, the German Navy’s future MGS 180 multipurpose ship is designed for long-term missions far from home waters. The official announcement of the winning bid is due today. (Bundesmarine image)
PARIS --- The German Navy’s new MGS 180 multi-purpose combat ship will be built by the Dutch Damen shipyard, the German blog Augen Geradeaus reported Monday. The information was subsequently confirmed by Reuters, which added that the German government is expected to announce its decision on Tuesday.

The Germany Ministry of Defense on Monday informed the relevant Bundestag committees that the Dutch company had won the tendering process, at the end of which only Damen and the German shipyard German Naval Yards (GNY) had submitted offers.

In a letter to members of Parliament, Parliamentary State Secretary Peter Tauber to (today) Monday MPs:

“The bidders remaining in the MKS 180 tendering procedure were requested on April 12, 2019 to submit a "Best and Final Offer," and in July 2019 duly submitted these final offers. The Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding B.V. emerged as the winner of the tender from the evaluation of the offers made by the awarding authority.

“The decision of the awarding authority is still subject to a possible complaint or judicial review procedure before it is awarded. Our intention is to submit a parliamentary referral in the spring 2020.”

The MKS 180-class frigate should be usable worldwide, from the tropics to ice-bearing waters, (partly) modularly and can remain in use for two years before it is serviced in the Shipyard must.

Four of these ships are currently planned for just under EUR 5.3 billion but the German Navy has already advocated for two more.

The minister’s letter, however, leaves the door open to a protest by the losing company before the Federal Cartel Office's procurement chamber, given that the winning company is not German.

And a political controversy is foreseeable - among other things about the question of whether this will end the construction of surface warships in Germany. For this offer, GNY had teamed up with numerous other German defense companies that would have been responsible for various parts. On the other hand, Damen wants to use the Blöhm und Voss shipyard belonging to the Lürssen company to build the ships. The decision that has now been announced could only be a further step.


Dutch and German Shipyards to Build New German Warship -Sources (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published January 13, 2020)
BERLIN --- Dutch shipyard Damen made the only feasible offer to build Germany's new multi-role warship MKS 180 in an alliance with its Bremen-based partner Luerssen, two people familiar with the decision told Reuters on Monday.

The contract to build at least four MKS 180 warships is worth more than 4.5 billion euros ($5.01 billion) and roughly 70% of the production will be located at Lurssen's shipyards in northern Germany, one person familiar with the matter said.

The German government is expected to announce its decision on Tuesday. (end of excerpt)

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