Norway Accelerates Defense Plans
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defense; issued May 29, 2020)
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Norway has announced it would bring forward the NOK 500 million upgrade of its Skjold-class corvettes, and the NOK 600 million acquisition of 20 additional CV90 armored vehicles pending the upgrade of the entire fleet of these vehicles to support its industry. (Norway MoD photo)
The government wants to support the industry during a difficult period and will accelerate defense investments for more than NOK 1 billion. Together we will create more and take Norway out of the crisis and onwards.

“By accelerating the upgrade of coastal corvettes to the Navy and tanks to the Army, we can both build defense capabilities and support Norwegian industry,” says Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen. "These are measures that help companies get back on track and get people back to work while also getting a faster strengthening of the Defense," the Minister of Defense said.

In addition, there are proposals in the government's proposal for a new long-term plan for the defense sector to investigate a new vessel structure for the naval defense. This also provides increased opportunities for the Norwegian naval cluster.

500 million NOK for Naval Corvettes

The government will speed up the upgrade of the Navy's Skjold-class coastal corvettes at a cost of over NOK 500 million on this. The upgrade will take place in the period 2020-2024 and will provide additional work to both the shipyard and other national subsystem suppliers. The work will include upgrading components and several of the on-board systems. The new long-term plan for the Armed Forces recommends maintaining the vessels in service until 2030. This is one of several measures to partially compensate for the loss of KNM Helge Ingstad. The Skjold class is built by Umoe Mandal and is among the fastest marine vessels in the world.

The government will accelerate the upgrading of the Army's CV90 light tanks and support vehicles, and will spend almost NOK 600 million on this. In the new long-term plan for the defense sector, the Army has four mechanized battalions, all equipped with CV90 combat and support vehicles. In the first instance, the Army will receive 20 additional CV90 combat and support vehicles. Their acquisition will be carried out directly from Norwegian industry in the period 2020 to 2023.

Research and development

The government will increase the allocation for defense-related research and development work by NOK 20 million in 2020. This means an increase from NOK 71 to 91 million, which will help to secure employment and expertise in a demanding area of Norwegian industry and business. It will also position Norwegian industry and business towards future acquisitions, both nationally and internationally. In addition, the strengthening will enable faster development of future planned projects.


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