A New Helicopter for the French Army
(Source: French Army; issued June 04, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Originally due to be delivered from 2028, the French Army’s future light helicopter, the Airbus H160M Guépard, will now be delivered two years earlier; the program’s official launch has been brought forward to 2021. (French Army image)
The “Guépard” (Cheetah), intended to replace the French Army's Gazelle light helicopters, will be delivered in 2026.

The mock-up of the new helicopter was revealed in 2019, and the launch of the program is scheduled for 2021.

The Guépard is based on the airframe of an existing aircraft in the civilian range of Airbus Helicopters (the H160) and adds military features: Avionics, sensors and cabin are therefore modified to allow its use in military roles.

The modularity and the versatility of the H160M Guépard will allow it to carry out a wide range of missions, both national and in cooperation with Allies: armed reconnaissance, fire support, infiltration of special forces and medical evacuations are all missions that the Guépard will be designed to perform.

Delivery is now scheduled for 2026, two years earlier than initially planned.


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