Bundestag Approves €2.3 Bn Procurement of NH90 Sea Tiger ASW Helos
(Source: Defense-Aerospace.com; posted Nov. 20, 2020)
The German Parliament’s budget committee on Thursday approved the procurement of 31 NH90 Sea Tiger ASW helicopters for €2.3 billion, which will serve alongside the 18 NH90 Sea Lion already ordered and which are now being delivered. (GE Navy photo)
BERLIN --- The German parliament’s budget committee on Thursday approved a €2.3 billion ($2.7 billion) contract to buy 31 NH90 helicopters for the German Navy, Reuters reported citing a parliamentary source. The information was later confirmed by the German Ministry of Defence.

The helicopters, dubbed Sea Tiger, are the second naval variant of the NH90 helicopter to be bought by the German Navy, and will replace its fleet of 24 elderly Westland Sea Lynx Mk. 88 helicopters currently in service in the anti-submarine role. The first NH90 naval variant, dubbed Sea Lion, is being procured in 18 units to replace the Navy’s Sea Kings.

The German MoD tweeted that the Bundestag’s Budget Committee had approved over €3 billion funding for 5 Bundeswehr programs, including for the Sea Lion shipboard helicopter.

The Sea Lion procurement suffered successive delays, leading the head of the German Navy to warn in August 2019 that further delays would threaten a seamless replacement of the Lynx.

And, speaking at a 25 June event to mark the Deutsche Marine’s acceptance of its first Sea Lion helicopter, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause warned that the Sea Tiger was already lagging, FlightGlobal reported. “Meanwhile, the Sea Tiger casts its shadow as the successor to the Sea Lynx. Unfortunately, we are already behind schedule again here. For the seamless transition we need the Sea Tiger here in 2024.”

German Navy officials said “there is a delay to the procurement process,” and that negotiations between the prime contractor, NH Industries, and the program executive agency, NATO Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA) were continuing with the aim of having a contract ready “by the end of the year.” That objective now appears to have been met.

Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, the Chief of the German Navy, tweeted Friday morning that “Yesterday the Bundestag approved the procurement of 31 multi-role ASW shipboard Sea Tiger helicopters for the frigates, to replace the almost 40-year old Sea Lynx. An important decision for underwater combat, and the Navy is glad!!”)


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