New NATO Intelligence Centre opens in Britain
(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Oct. 16, 2006)
A new centre to collate and distribute intelligence across NATO is launched by Adam Ingram, Minister for the Armed Forces, and General James Jones, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, at RAF Molesworth in Cambridgeshire today.

The Intelligence Fusion Centre will provide NATO missions, including current operations, with comprehensive intelligence support drawn from across the alliance. All NATO nations have been invited to contribute to the centre.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Ingram said:

"On military operations, knowledge is power and while the intelligence resources of individual NATO members are impressive this shared asset is truly formidable.

"This essential resource for NATO missions is already increasing the speed and efficiency of intelligence sharing between NATO allies and is delivering real benefits to the front line.

"Today is another example of NATO transforming itself and rising to the demands of the modern world and exemplifies a new openness when it comes to sharing information between allies. I am delighted that Britain is home to this vital NATO asset and that we are playing our part in its formation."


1. The Intelligence Fusion Centre reaches initial operating capacity today with 75, of an eventual 160 or so, personnel from across NATO already in place at the centre.

2. The ceremony will be attended by UK Minister for the Armed Forces, the Right Honourable Adam Ingram MP; General James Jones, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Mr. John Colston, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning at NATO HQ in Brussels as well as other invited dignitaries.

3. The Centre is based at RAF Molesworth, a US Visiting Forces base in Cambridgeshire. Media have been invited to the ceremony to mark the centre reaching initial operating capability at the base this morning.

4. NATO is the cornerstone of its members' collective security. The UK makes almost all our combat forces and the majority of our support and enabling capabilities available to NATO. We lead the way in Europe in providing truly deployable capability, maintaining significant forces at very high readiness and making substantial investment in capabilities.


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