Official reports - Nov 1998

  •  Cybercrime... Cyberterrorism... Cyberwarfare : Averting an Electronic Waterloo
  •  Bug in the Bomb : The Impact of the Year 2000 Problem on Nuclear Weapons
  •  Military Prepositioning: Army and Air Force Programs Need to Be Reassessed
  •  Special Operations Forces: C-130 Upgrade Plan Could Help Fix Electronic Warfare Deficiencies.
  •  Defense Trade: Weaknesses Exist in DOD Foreign Subcontract Data.
  •  Military Satellite Communications: Concerns With Milstar's Support to Strategic and Tactical Forces.
  •  Nuclear Weapons: Key Nuclear Weapons Component Issues Are Unresolved.
  •  New prospects for transatlantic cooperation in security and defense
  •  European armaments restructuring and the role of WEU
  •  The Millennium Bug : its consequences for European defence
  •  Army Modernization: The Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program Needs More Specific Guidance.

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