Official reports - Feb 1999

  •  The Security Situation in Taiwan Strait
  •  South Africa's Defence Review 1998
  •  U.S. : DoD view of ballistic missile defense programs
  •  Aging Military Equipment and its Cost
  •  U.S. Efforts to Control Russia's Unemployed Weapons Scientists
  •  Military Trends in Iran
  •  Foreign Affairs Second Report : Sierra Leone
  •  Protection Equipment and Countermeasures Devices in U.S. Services
  •  Annual Report by DoD Director of Operational Test & Evaluation
  •  Pentagon's Top 100 U.S. Defense Contractors
  •  Saudi Military Forces in the Gulf
  •  Strategic Plan 1998 - 2001: Equipping the Australian Defence Force
  •  Membership of multilateral military related export control regimes

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