Official reports - Apr 2004

  •  US Missile Defense Plans Hit by Delays, Cost Overruns
  •  Pentagon Faults Boeing on NATO AWACS Deal
  •  Pentagon Audit Blasts USAF for Tanker Deal
  •  Norway Updates Long-Term Defence Plan
  •  NASA Must Change its Corporate Culture
  •  Boeing 7E7 Benefits from Illegal Subsidies
  •  UK MoD Faces Massive Helicopter Shortfall
  •  “Significant Risk” Remains in FCS Program
  •  Analysis: China’s Defense Industries
  •  Status Report: Major US Weapon Programs
  •  DoD Must Improve Anti-Tamper Protection
  •  Forecast: Turbine Helicopter Deliveries 2004-2013
  •  GAO Testimony on F-22, JSF Programs
  •  Iraq: Observations on Pre-positioning by US Forces
  •  DoD Must Improve Management of UAV Programs
  •  GAO Testimony on DoD’s UAV Programs
  •  Pentagon Must Make New Case for F-22
  •  UK Commons Report on Lessons of Iraq
  •  Commercial Aircraft and Engine Forecast 2004-2002
  •  The United Kingdom's Civil Space Activities
  •  US Army Must Prepare for Urban Combat
  •  Interoperability of US and NATO Air Forces

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