Official reports - Jun 2004

  •  FY05 War on Terror to Cost Pentagon Extra $55 Bn
  •  Arms Sales Undermine Sustainable Development
  •  GAO Finds EELV Program Subject to Uncertainties
  •  US Space Exploration Plan Requires NASA Overhaul
  •  Sweden: Commission Calls for Further Defense Reforms
  •  CRS Weighs Appropriate Size of the US Military Forces
  •  Network-Centric Warfare: Issues for Congress
  •  NASA Contract Management is High-Risk Area
  •  USAF Depot Maintenance Needs Improved Pricing
  •  Pentagon Clueless as to Tanker Aircraft Needs
  •  US Must Improve Efforts for Airliner Missile Defense
  •  GAO Reviews Joint Strike Fighter Supplier Base
  •  Pentagon FY04 Report on Chinese Military Power
  •  New Zealand MoD Statement of Intent

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