Official reports - Apr 2005

  •  GAO Blasts Pentagon Waste, Inefficiency
  •  US Forces Faced Logistics Shortfalls in Iraq
  •  Long-Range Precision Strikes in US Strategy
  •  All's Well with US Helicopter Industrial Base
  •  Cluster Munitions: Worldwide Production and Export
  •  US Arms Export Controls Since Sept. 11, 2001
  •  Majority of US Programs are Late, Over Budget
  •  Ballistic Missile Defense $370M Over Budget
  •  Report Details Shortcomings of Stryker Vehicle
  •  US Intelligence “Dead Wrong” About Iraq WMD
  •  US Report Says EU at Fault on Subsidies, More
  •  USAF Must Re-think Case for F-22, JSF Programs
  •  Status Report: the UK Aerospace Industry

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