Official reports - Jul 2005

  •  Pentagon Details Chinese Military Build-up
  •  Design Trade-offs Necessary to Keep DD(X) Viable
  •  US Army Overstretched by Iraq, Afghan Operations
  •  DD(X) Costs Explode: Each Ship Could Cost $2.4Bn
  •  GAO “Discouraged” by Space Acquisition Programs
  •  Serious Reserve Shortages May Crimp US Army
  •  UK Annual Aerospace Survey 2005
  •  Development Risks Compromise US Army's FCS
  •  UK MoD Faulted on Urgent Procurement for Iraq
  •  Audit Questions $1.4 bn in Halliburton Iraq Charges
  •  Pentagon's Strategy for Homeland Defense
  •  DoD Underestimates Spending on Nuke Weapons
  •  GAO Sees Problems for DoD's Satellite Programs
  •  US Arms Sales to Taiwan Since 1990
  •  Afghan Army Reconstruction Behind Schedule
  •  Iraq Security Contractors Not Up to Scratch
  •  US Has Shortfall in Small Caliber Ammo

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