Official reports - Oct 2005

  •  Pentagon Faces Major Cash Crunch
  •  Readiness of U.S. Defense Equipment Declining
  •  Dutch Issue Defence Doctrine Document
  •  Audit of Australia's P-3 Orion Upgrade Program
  •  Options for US Army Logistic Support in Iraq
  •  Iraq Hurting Army Guard Equipment Readiness
  •  CSIS: Europe Must Close Defense Capability Gap
  •  Shortfall in US Pre-Positioned Equipment and Arms
  •  F-22 and F-18E Programs: A Comparative Study
  •  The UK's Nuclear Submarine Industrial Base
  •  China's Military Spending: Analysis and Forecast
  •  Options for US Strategic Military Transportation
  •  Hurricane Katrina's Effects on the Aerospace Industry
  •  No Reliable Cost Data on Iraq, Afghan Ops
  •  Red Tape Hamstrings Canadian Military
  •  Meeting Europe's Space-Based Security Needs
  •  Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Market Outlook
  •  China's WMD-Related Export Controls
  •  GAO Faults USAF on Procurement Waiver
  •  Pentagon Not Developing DoD Space Cadre

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