Official reports - Dec 2005

  •  French Arms Exports: 2004
  •  British Carrier Project, JSF Seriously Behind Schedule
  •  US Navy Shipbuilding Plans Too Expensive
  •  Australia Updates Defense Plans; Wants More Airlift
  •  UK MoD White Paper on Defense Industrial Strategy
  •  DoD Underestimates Future Cost of Current Plans
  •  Global Hawk Program Costs Up 31%
  •  NZ Defense Portfolio Briefing 2005
  •  China's Naval Modernization Challenges US Navy
  •  DoD Should Reconsider Battleship Retirement
  •  Pentagon UAVs Not As Effective As Possible
  •  UK MoD Hails Effectiveness of Private Finance
  •  UK Cuts Weapon Costs by Lowering Requirements
  •  US Aerospace Industry 2005 Review and Forecast
  •  MPs Slam UK MoD for “Woeful” Arms Procurement

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