Official reports - Jul 1999

  •  Poland : Defense Budget for 1999
  •  Battlefield Automation: Performance Uncertainties Are Likely WhenArmy Fields Its First Digitized Division
  •  The Government's Expenditure Plans, 1999/2000 to 2001/2002
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Reduced Threat Not Reflected in Antiarmor Weapon Acquisitions.
  •  NATO: Implications of European Integration for Allies' Defense Spending.
  •  Modernising Defence : Annual Report of Defence Activity, 1998/99
  •  Defense Acquisitions: Evaluation of Navy's Anti-Submarine Warfare Assessment.
  •  Minister's Monitoring Committee on Change in The Department of National Defenseand the Canadian Forces - Interim Report 1999
  •  From Invasion Defense To Contingency Defense

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