Official reports - Aug 1999

  •  Electronic Warfare: Army Special Operations AcquisitionStrategy for Improved Equipment Is Sound
  •  DOD Information Security: Serious Weaknesses Continue To Place Defense Operations at Risk.
  •  U.K. Ministry of Defence : Modifying Defence Equipment
  •  Director of Central Intelligence Annual Report for the United States Intelligence Community
  •  Belgian Army : 10-Year Equipment Plan
  •  DoD At A Glance : U.S. Defense Almanac 1999
  •  Canadian Defence Beyond 2010 - The Way Ahead
  •  Report2000 : A report on theSecurity Policy of Switzerland
  •  Best Practices: Better Management of TechnologyDevelopment Can Improve Weapon System Outcomes.
  •  Brazil-Canada Dispute on Export of Civil Aircraft : WTO Report
  •  Framework Memorandum for the 2000 Defence White Paper
  •  Missile Defense: THAAD Restructure Addresses Problems But Limits Early Capability

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