Official reports - Mar 2006

  •  GAO Blasts F-22, JSF in Congressional Testimony
  •  Unofficial Evaluator Shoots Down V-22 Osprey
  •  GAO: Pentagon Should Delay JSF Production
  •  New Strategy Requirement for Tactical Satellites
  •  Pentagon Urged to Review Large UAV Programs
  •  GAO Flunks FCS Business Case, Maturity
  •  GAO Audits JSF Technology Transfer Process
  •  Rand Reports on USAF Tanker Alternatives
  •  US Could Cut $60bn from Pentagon Budget
  •  GAO Concerned by FCS Business Case, Risks
  •  UK Government Responds to Report on Carriers, JSF
  •  Competition May Not Be Feasible for DD(X) Program
  •  Transparency Would Benefit the Arms Industry
  •  US Navy Carriers: Refit or Speed Up CVN 21?
  •  UK MoD: Progress in Combat Identification
  •  Study of US Army Logistics in Iraq
  •  UK Military Readiness Needs Improvement

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