Official reports - Jul 2006

  •  UK Publishes Report on 2005 Arms Exports
  •  CBO Weighs in on F-22 Multi-year Contract
  •  Study into Price Inflation for US Navy Ships
  •  UK MoD Responds to Commons Report on Trident Successor
  •  Preying on the Taxpayer: The F-22A Raptor Program
  •  GAO Chief Blasts F-22A, USAF Acquisition Plans
  •  Potential Implications of F-16 Sale to Pakistan
  •  Eurofighter: Industrial and Economic Benefits of the Typhoon
  •  Finnish Defense Strategy 2025
  •  DOD, Congress at Sea on Cost of War on Terrorism
  •  Cost Risk Analysis for Air Force Systems
  •  Trends and Costs for Aircraft and Guided Weapons Programs
  •  Royal Air Force Reports on Future Strategy
  •  UK Government Response to Commons Defence Committee
  •  DoD Lacks Data to Support Weapon Systems
  •  Pentagon Fighting Contracting Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  •  Estimating the True Costs of Modern Fighter Aircraft
  •  UK to Restructure Defence Procurement Agencies
  •  UK Arms Programs 10% Over Budget, but Improving
  •  What Future for UK's Trident Missile Submarines?

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