Official reports - Dec 2007

  •  Options for Modernizing the US Army's Helicopter Fleet
  •  Major UK Weapon Programs Still Over Budget
  •  French Arms Exports in 2006
  •  MPs Count the Rising Cost of Afghan, Iraq Operations
  •  The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran Nukes
  •  The CG(X) Cruiser and the Future of Naval Warfare
  •  MPs Question Draw-Down of UK Forces In Iraq
  •  Is EU “Sleep Walking” Into Financing Galileo?
  •  Top 100 Private Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan
  •  Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Anti-Terror Operations
  •  Overview of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Programs
  •  U.S. Arms Sales to Pakistan Hit Record in 2006
  •  Potential Cost and Effectiveness of Space-Based Weapons

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