Official reports - Feb 2008

  •  Rolls-Royce Forecasts Booming Helicopter Market
  •  Airbus Global Market Forecast 2007-2026
  •  Actions Needed to Rebuild Readiness of U.S. Ground Forces
  •  UK Civil Space Strategy: 2008 - 2012 and Beyond
  •  Options and Cost of Australia’s Future Submarines
  •  Pentagon War Costs Total $752 Billion Since 2001
  •  MRAP Vehicles: Background and Issues for Congress
  •  US Army: Full-Spectrum Force or Specialized Units?
  •  Pentagon Paying More on Multiyear Programs
  •  Planned US Arms Sales to GCC Countries
  •  EDA Study on Sense & Avoid Technologies for UAVs
  •  European and United States Defence Expenditure In 2006

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